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How an Independent Insurance Agent Saves You Time and Money

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How an independent insurance agent saves you time and money

Have you ever heard the term independent insurance agent? Do you know what it means? You could probably take a pretty good guess but unless you’re in the insurance industry you likely haven’t thought too much about it.

An independent agent is one of three primary models of insurance. The other two are known as captive agents and direct writers.

Captive agents are large brands with local agencies. They are part of your local community and can provide personal service, but they are only allowed to sell one brand of insurance.

Direct writers are large online and over-the-phone insurers. They have huge marketing budgets and can often provide low rates, but they cannot provide local service, they can only provide one brand of insurance, and they have no stake in your community.

An independent agent provides the best of both. We’re not tied to one brand of insurance so we can shop around for the best rates. At Pomerenke Insurance, we work with over 15 insurance companies, including some of the best, like Progressive, Nationwide, Safeco, and many more.

Not only can independent agents provide great rates, but you’ll get the counsel of an experienced professional, so you won’t end up with cut-rate coverage. Instead, you’ll get an insurance plan designed around your needs. Independent agencies are a part of your community, so when you work with one, you’re helping a local business and you’re keeping your hard-earned dollars in the community.

So, how does and independent agent offer better coverage, lower prices, and more flexibility? Since we offer a multitude of insurance companies, we can customize your coverage using the insurance company that best fits your needs. We save you money by comparing quotes automatically. Finally, an independent agent offers you more flexibility because we can change your insurance coverage to keep up with your ever-changing lifestyle.

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